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In badminton, shuttle distance is paramount. The feeling of satisfaction upon effortlessly sending the shuttle far is one that every enthusiast seeks. However, in the midst of a quick rally, finding the opportunity to make that perfect shot can be difficult. Because of this, several practitioners of the sport remain unsatisfied, convinced of their inability to achieve greater distance, be it due to off-centre shots or slow swing speed.

Allow Yonex to convince you otherwise.

Get to know the NANORAY GlanZ, the pride of Yonex’s lineup. Created with a new philosophy, design, and material, we have created a racquet that gives you longer distance, even with softer hits. Be satisfied with your game—welcome to Yonex’s finest racquet for the farthest flight.


Finished in a deep and shimmering “Brilliant Black,”
the NANORAY GlanZ has a distinct air of sophistication.
It is the embodiment of premium, “Made in Japan” quality.


Achieve Distance with Torsion—the Torque Power Theory

It is said that the most difficult shot for badminton enthusiasts is the backhand. Using this fact as our focus point, we analysed the angle at impact and swing speed of several players. As a result, we found that players with strong pronation and supination were able to twist the racquet upwards quickly, and experienced an immediate acceleration in shuttle speed upon impact. Conversely, players with less powerful pronation and supination were unable to change the racquet angle, and saw very little shuttle acceleration.

The Torque Power Theory takes this energy that is necessary to achieve long distance and puts it into the racquet itself. Utilizing the frame’s high level of torque, the NANORAY GlanZ allows players to hit with the power they want, regardless of their wrist strength, giving them exceedingly satisfying results.

The Ultimate in Carbon Craftsmanship

Built upon years of expert carbon research and development, Yonex has created REXIL Fiber—a new material that boasts the ultimate in carbon craftsmanship. Repulsion power, vibration dampening and dwell are the keys to achieving long distance. REXIL Fiber is created to take these aspects and elevate them to their highest level for exceptional flight. By producing the frame entirely out of this new material, the GlanZ offers superior frame recovery upon impact. This completely new construction does away with wasted energy, and harnesses it to dramatically improve one’s shuttle distance.


Radical New Frame Design

The standard design for badminton racquets is as follows: a thin frame top for swing speed, and a thick frame bottom for balance and repulsion power. The NANORAY GlanZ takes this logic and literally turns it on its head with a radical new design. The thick frame top grants high repulsion power, while the thin bottom bestows the racquet with a high level of torque. Successfully combining both torque and repulsion, this unprecedented design allows the NANORAY GlanZ to have all the energy required for superior flight right in its frame.

Radical New Frame Design


A Unique New Form

New Frame Shape—the Largest in Yonex History

With a large frame shape, the sweet spot on the GlanZ has been expanded to the left and right, as well as to the lower portion to effectively cut down on energy loss. This allows for a high level of power, even on off-centre hits. Featuring Yonex’s largest frame yet, with the NANORAY GlanZ, players can have confidence in their game.


With Yonex’s VERTICAL-A CONCEPT, the grommet holes on the GlanZ are designed to allow the main strings to run vertically through the string bed. In addition to the enlarged frame head, the VERTICAL-A CONCEPT also works to expand the sweet spot even wider.

Aerodynamic Frame

The GlanZ frame top is designed to be highly aerodynamic, giving players a smoother swing and excellent acceleration upon impact, without the need to expend power.



Grounded in NANOSCIENCE, this material binds carbon fibres tightly together one-by-one without any gaps, for enhanced strength.
*NANOMETRIC is the new material which applies the NANOALLOY Technology of Toray Industries, Inc.

X-FULLERENE is incorporated into the full length of the shaft to increase stiffness by 6% and repulsion power by 4% - giving you a high repulsion performance to hit deep into the opponent’s court, even with a compact swing during high speed rallies.


The square-shaped ISOMETRIC frame shape is designed to keep vertical strings at a similar length, as well as the horizontal strings, to produce an expanded sweet spot in all directions.
*ISOMETRIC is a trademark of YONEX Co., Ltd.

NEW Grommet Pattern

Our single-pass grommet design has more holes than a conventional racquet for a higher-performance stringing pattern.


All YONEX Japanese-built racquets use a shock-absorbing core to stop harmful vibrations travelling through the shaft.

NEW Built-in T-Joint

Made from lightweight plastic and epoxy resin and inserted into a number of models, the NEW Built-in T-Joint has a forming agent core, which increases the stability of the shuttle on the string bed.

Extra Slim Shaft

YONEX slim shafts are designed to slice effortlessly through the air and have greater flex to generate extra power.

Control Support Cap

Wider flat surface for more grip and better control.


NR-GZOn sale in early-April, 2015
Infused with the new REXIL FIBER material and built based on the Torque Power Theory,
the GlanZ sends the shuttlecock even further.
WeightGrip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5,6
Stringing Advice4U 17-22 lbs
ColourBrilliant Black

Made in Japan

10mm LONG

  • REXIL Fiber
  • NEW Grommet Pattern
  • AERO+BOX Frame
  • NEW Built-in T-Joint
  • Extra Slim Shaft
  • Control Support Cap

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