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The Best Strings for the World’s Top Shuttlers: The YONEX Stringing Team Goes to Europe

06 November 2014

This past October saw two Superseries tournaments in Europe—the YONEX Denmark Open Superseries Premier and the YONEX France Open Superseries, with both tournaments proving as stages to fierce competitions between players from all over. In the midst these tournaments leading up to this season’s climax, YONEX Stringing Team pros Boris Reichel and Tim Willis lead the team in supporting the competing shuttlers. Between the two tournaments, the YONEX Stringing Team went through over 700 strings, preparing racquets for the world’s best players. Both tournaments had five expert stringers on site, proving stringing services taking into consideration the players’ needs and their environment, with accurate string selection and tension adjustment.

Both tournaments also provided a rare chance for spectators to interact with the stringers, who were happy to take questions from fans young and old. With questions ranging from “Whose racquet is that?” to more detailed technical enquiries, the YONEX Stringing Team pleasantly obliged fans with the answers they wanted. 

Learn more about the YONEX Stringing Team at their official site here.