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Yonex Stringing Team at Yonex All England: Reunited With Legends of the Game

23 April 2015

Closing off 2014 at the BWF Destination Dubai World Superseries Finals, the Yonex Stringing Team made their appearance at the first big badminton event at the year—the Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships. Continuing to deliver their high standard of trustworthy service to the world’s best, the team was hard at work throughout the week, stringing players’ racquets a total of 411 times.

This year’s Yonex All England Open proved particularly special, with Lin Dan, Peter Gade, and Taufik Hidayat sharing their thoughts on the art of stringing with the team that has supported them for so long. Yonex stringer of many years Mark Lawrence exchanged stringing theories with Peter and Taufik. “From my point of view, if the tension is too low, I feel less control and power. We want to take control of the shuttle as much as we can,” commented Danish badminton great Peter Gade regarding his preference for high tension. The two then offered their thanks to the team for their service over the years, expressing their profound trust. Peter in particular praised the level of detail to which the Yonex Stringing Team works at, and Taufik was grateful for the tireless effort that went into the team’s support of his game.

Later, Lin Dan offered his thoughts on Yonex’s strings, and the team’s skills. “Yonex in the past few years has developed many, many good strings. For me it’s about trying a few different things, and trying new racquets as well,” commented the five time world champion, “Every time I play a match I am really grateful and thankful to the Stringing Team.”

The team also held a seminar to impart the fine details Yonex’s high quality stringing. Titled the “Yonex Stringing Master Class,” Yonex stringers taught fans how to string “the Yonex way.” While stringing Danish doubles expert Carsten Mogensen’s ARCSABER 11 with a BG80 string, Mark opened by explaining that one must thoroughly examine the racquet for damage prior to stringing to prevent breakage. Other topics included how to reach the perfect tension, the longevity of various types of strings, and how players must choose between performance and durability. He also went into other fine details, such as how logo placement on the racquet can affect one’s serve.

A video is up on our YouTube channel of the four Legends meeting the stringing team. Take a look to get keen insights into one of the most important aspects of the sport from both on-court and off-court Legends.

The Yonex Stringing Team: The Choice of Legends