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Yonex Launches High Performance “STB Compression Wear”

05 January 2018

YONEX CO., LTD. is proud to announce the worldwide launch of the Yonex High Performance STB Compression Wear lineup, designed to support the core balance of an athlete’s body during sport and exercise.


The line of Yonex STB Compression Wear has been developed to assist with the core balance of all athletes. By utilizing the latest biomechanical research, the core balance centering of the pelvis is achieved by positioning the optimal compression level to correspond with the muscle groups that support the three key directional body movements: front/back, left/right, and rotational movements. The STB Compression Wear improves athletes’ performance in all aspects of badminton, tennis, running and other sports requiring dynamic movements such as throwing, hitting, running, jumping, as well as post-exercise recovery.


Yonex will first introduce STB Compression Wear FITNESS MODEL, which features a super soft material that supports an athlete’s body movement during sport and exercise. The variations in fabric, design,

and cut ensure that the garments are easy to take on and off without sacrificing the compression performance.


STB Compression Wear is available in three colors: Black (Men/Women), as well as Bright Pink and Navy Blue in the Women’s collection. All items feature UV Protection and Sweat Absorbent/Quick Drying functionality.



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