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EZONE Ai 100 Selected as Best Racquet in German Tennis Magazine

18 February 2014

The EZONE Ai 100 has been selected as the “Best Racquet” in German Tennis Magazine’s 2014 racquet performance test. The last winner was the VCORE100S in 2012.

The test was conducted by selected magazine testers, who tried 20 racquets targeted at intermediate players, and rated them out of 10 in the areas of Control, Power, Comfort and Feel.

The EZONE Ai 100 received 9.0 in all categories and became the best racquet among all 20 models!

“The racquet has superior control even during fast rallies”, said one tester. “When the ball hits the sweet spot, it removes vibration and maximizes power to attack”, said another. Overall, the EZONE Ai 100 was said to be, “the perfect racquet for any kind of intermediate player.”

Try it. EZONE Ai.

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