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Impression for EZONE Xi from Canada

04 June 2012

Name: Zhenya Kondratovsky
Occupation: Teaching Pro
Belong to: Rideau Tennis Club in Ottawa
Racquet: EZONE Xi 107, EZONE Xi Lite, EZONE Xi 100
Xi oversize, 107 sq. in was first that I've tried. Nice pop and plenty of racquet head stability on the volleys, overheads and serves due to the slightly head-heavy balance point. Generous sweet spot makes it forgiving on the off-centre hits. Somewhat limited control on the ground strokes for the full-swing advanced players, but definitely plenty of power and comfort for the medium to compact swing.
Lower intermediate and intermediate players, who like to put plenty of offence in their game, serve and volley, chip and charge would certainly appreciate it."

"Xi Lite at 275g and Xi 100 at 300g make for a nice progression towards more control due to the head size and a balance point towards head light. It felt, like more of the high intermediate and even some of advanced club players will enjoy the comfort and plenty of power plus added control due to the smaller head size. Open string pattern (16 by 18) allows for a good feel of the ball plus more facility with getting top spin on it. Definitely more accuracy and feel, with a range for those who prefer slightly lighter frames over heavier player's racquets. Added benefit, players can enjoy EZONE Xi on the days, when they don't feel like working too hard.