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Impression for EZONE Xi from UK

25 July 2012

Name: Ed Isard
Racquet: EZONE Xi 98

I have been lucky enough to use the EZONE Xi 98 now for a week. I was previously playing with the VCORE 98D, and there have been some really improvements.

The first noticeable differences is the extra stability on the volley and when receiving pace around the baseline. This extra stability allowed me to play a little closer to the baseline and feel more confident when blocking on the 1st serve return.

I also felt that the racquet went through the air a little better, and as a result of this I found it very enjoyable when slicing & serving.

I will now be switching to the EZONE Xi 98 from now on, and look forward to showing to my players over the next few weeks.

The EZONE Xi 98 for me really pushes the YONEX range on to another level and allows players another choice of a high quality competition racquet.

Name: James Woodwards
Age: 27
Occupation: Head Coach, Bicester LTC, Performance Coach, Aylesbury LTSC & Haddenham LTC
Racquet: EZONE Xi 98 (String: ATG850/ Tension: 58 lbs)

A great all round racquet, this one is a solid option for anyone looking for a frame that can do everything. It is capable of generating high levels of spin, but also of hitting powerful winners.

I was able to generate good racquet head speed and get some effective work on the ball. The racquet feels like it has a fairly large sweet spot and extra forgiveness from the 98 square inch head without lacking feel and feedback. Coming from a 100 square inch head, the EZONE Xi 98 gives the feel of a larger sweet spot than its 98 square inch head size would suggest.

The EZONE Xi 98 offers controllable power as well as a forgiving feel from all areas of the court. From the baseline the racquet feels very maneuverable allowing for fast swings giving power and spin. You don't worry about hitting long or the ball being too short either, on the most part its right in between. On the serve the EZONE Xi 98 provides power thanks to its firm, yet comfortable frame. At net the racquet gives confidence for crisp volleys, the ball contract sound is very pleasing.

This racquet does a great job at minimising any movement of the racquet head when it hits the ball. Unpredictable racquet flex is something I struggle to enjoy as it doesn't build confidence to really hit out at the ball. I would say this is a racquet for advanced players looking a control oriented frame that plays above and beyond similar head sized racquets, which helps to build confidence and power.