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The YONEX Stringing Team Hard at Work at Tokyo Tournaments

02 October 2014

As we reported on earlier, between September 15 and 21, the Toray Pan Pacific Open was held in Tokyo, Japan. As of 2013, YONEX has been the official stringer for the tournament, offering stringing service at this year’s tournament for a second year. Throughout the tournament, the YONEX Stringing Team went through 309 strings servicing 56 players. Among the strings used were several entries from the POLYTOUR series. The series is known for its exceptional hold on the ball, as well as the great amount of spin it offers. Used by pros like Sabine Lisicki (VCORE Tour 97, POLYTOUR SPIN), the series is gaining popularity rapidly among the world’s players.

Players were impressed at how efficiently the YONEX Stringing Team was able to handle multiple racquets, as well as the team’s accurate work that matched the players’ demands to a tee. They are currently hard at work at the Rakuten Open in Tokyo. Boasting a roster of stringers from all over the world, the YONEX Stringing Team pours a high level of craft and devotion into stringing the racquets of some of the world’s most talented players.

The YONEX Stringing Team

Toray Pan Pacific Open

  • Mark Goodman
  • Shinji Nakamura
  • Hiroyasu Tamagawa
  • Kenji Hasebe
  • Takashi Kawabata

Rakuten Open

  • Julian Li
  • Mark Maslowski
  • Hiroyasu Tamagawa
  • Mitsunori Mizuta
  • Takashi Kawabata

More about the YONEX Stringing Team at the official website: