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VCORE Tour 97 is Selected as the Highest Valued Racquet

11 September 2012

The September issue of Australian “Tennis” Magazine ran a feature titled, “The Ultimate Tennis Racquet Review,” and the YONEX VCORE Tour 97 was selected as the best performing racquet.

The experienced team at Tennis World, Melbourne Park carried out some extensive racquet testing on the racquet’s performance—which is suitable for social to experienced players. The coaches and players completed a set of drills with each frame, and individually assessed each racquet’s performance based on the following criteria: Power, Control, Feel, Spin, and Ease of Use. All criteria were rated out of 10, and racquets were given an Overall Rating at the end.

The VCORE Tour 97 was described as a solid choice for advanced players in search of a precision frame, and received the following scores.

Power: 8, Control: 8, Feel:7, Spin: 7, Ease of use: 9, Overall: 8.5 (by Coaches)

Power: 8, Control: 9, Feel: 10, Spin: 8, Ease of use: 9, Overall: 9 (by Players)

The article included some general impressions about the VCORE Tour 97 from coaches and players. The impressions were very positive.

Coaches assessed, “Great racquet for any player looking for all-round playability. Easy to use but still offers really good power and control. I found this a very enjoyable racquet to play with.”

Additionally, players felt, “I really enjoyed hitting with this racquet and found it very versatile. It had great control and feel. It would be excellent for net players. I was unable to fault anything about this racquet; it was very consistent in all areas.”

Stanislas Wawrinka and Sabine Lisicki play with VCORE Tour 97 in tournaments. Stan advanced to the 4th round of the recent US Open tournament, and Sabine became the quarterfinalist in Wimbledon 2012. Attacking with the VCORE Tour racquet, they can hit many aces and winners, taking the lead in their matches. Check out their performance on our website.