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YONEX Footwear Wins Four Years in a Row

12 March 2014

Readers may remember that since 2011, YONEX’s footwear has consistently been ranked as the top-rated brand in French tennis magazine tennisaddict’s performance test for three years in a row. This year, the Australian Open winner Stanislas Wawrinka model, SHT-PRO, once again passed with flying colors in 2014’s performance test, continuing the trend. The test was conducted among 12 models from 9 brands.

Testers who reviewed the SHT-PRO praised the cushioning as excellent, as well as the ankle support, which made the shoe safe and effective against repeated impacts, no matter what foot shape. SHT-PRO came in second in “Cushioning” and third in “Durability” in the test results.

Check out this video to see what Stan thinks about the shoes:

But, this year is not just about footwear. The EZONE Ai has received a Silver medal in the magazine’s performance test, and was reviewed as “a formidable racquet for aggressive topspin players with a more compact swing who like to control the game on their own.”  The EZONE Ai was ranked at the top in “Spin” section in the test results.