Club Designer Interview:Yasuharu Miyagi

Mr Miyagi is a true craftsman of his trade. Established Cool Design Corp. in 2006, he has worked for closely on the development of products for Tour players and has become renowned for his innovative custom wedge designs and sole grinds – he has been the mastermind behind a top-selling wedge in the past.

Mr Miyagi joined the YONEX team in 2010 and has brought innovative technology and performance to Tour players and amateurs alike. He has focused his knowledge, research, experience and expertise on the development of the all-new i-EZONE TX Driver, Type St Fairway Wood and Forged PB Irons.
Want to understand the innovation behind the i-EZONE series? Mr Yasuharu Miyagi explains all here.

Volume 1: i-EZONE Club Design

— Mr Miyagi, you are the designer who has produced several best-selling clubs in the past, what did you consider to be the most important features when developing the new clubs for 2013?

When I develop new clubs, I always consider how they are going to feel in the player’s hands when they are addressing the ball. Key to this is the shape of the clubs sole, which dictates how the club looks and feels at set up. A correct sole design inspires confidence at address and assists with a true swing plane.

— You say the club’s sole is important; does this design feature throughout the new range?

Yes, this principle applies from the driver through to the putter. The shape of the sole subliminally speaks to the player and tells them to “address this way”. It is a reassuring design feature that creates confidence when over the ball.

— In what ways do you think that the club design and its performance are related?

If the design doesn’t match the performance then you cannot say you have produced a good set of clubs. If you set up to hit a shot left, and the shot goes left, then the design of the club is correct and the performance comes as a result.

— Your clubs are beautifully simple in look. Why is this?

I believe that a club’s features should do the talking, not gimmicks or bright colours. I am quite traditional in my approach and believe that the quality and technology of a product should stand out. If the club has a low centre of gravity then this should be the focus.