Club Designer Interview:Yasuharu Miyagi

Mr Miyagi is a true craftsman of his trade. Established Cool Design Corp. in 2006, he has worked for closely on the development of products for Tour players and has become renowned for his innovative custom wedge designs and sole grinds – he has been the mastermind behind a top-selling wedge in the past.

Mr Miyagi joined the YONEX team in 2010 and has brought innovative technology and performance to Tour players and amateurs alike. He has focused his knowledge, research, experience and expertise on the development of the all-new i-EZONE TX Driver, Type St Fairway Wood and Forged PB Irons.
Want to understand the innovation behind the i-EZONE series? Mr Yasuharu Miyagi explains all here.

Volume 2: i-EZONE TX Driver&Fairway Wood Type St

— Can you explain the concept behind the new i-EZONE TX Driver?

I was very conscious about creating a driver that looked as well as it performed. Golf is a sport that requires you to stare at your equipment while you play. The concept behind the i-EZONE TX Driver was to develop a club that gives you confidence when addressing the ball.

— Which elements did you focus on to ensure each golfer has a more comfortable swing?

How you address the ball is key to a producing a comfortable swing and successful shot. I used a prototype club head and CAD data to ensure the clubs sole is in the perfect position for higher levels of performance. The purpose of testing and developing the product in this way is to make the player feels confident at address and swing with comfort, in any condition.

— The TX Driver is black, which is different to the 460 Driver. What was the idea behind this change?

The colour was changed through an ion plating process. My main concern was that it made the club head appear smaller however, the benefits were that it created a more subtle appearance without losing any of the club’s performance. We felt that the best option was to not apply the ion plating process to the club face. The separate processes took longer to develop, but we felt it was worth it because of the results obtained.

— Can you explain the concept behind the new i-EZONE Fairway Wood Type St?

The concept is all about creating and ‘effortless fairway wood’. Due to the strong angle of loft and the length of the club, some amateur golfers lack confidence when using their 3 wood as it can be difficult to get airborne quickly. Many golfers decide to use a 5 wood instead, however by choosing to do this, lose the distance you get from a 3 wood. That’s where the Type St is designed differently. It is designed to provide an effortless and solid contact with the ball.