Club Designer Interview:Yasuharu Miyagi

Mr Miyagi is a true craftsman of his trade. Established Cool Design Corp. in 2006, he has worked for closely on the development of products for Tour players and has become renowned for his innovative custom wedge designs and sole grinds – he has been the mastermind behind a top-selling wedge in the past.

Mr Miyagi joined the YONEX team in 2010 and has brought innovative technology and performance to Tour players and amateurs alike. He has focused his knowledge, research, experience and expertise on the development of the all-new i-EZONE TX Driver, Type St Fairway Wood and Forged PB Irons.
Want to understand the innovation behind the i-EZONE series? Mr Yasuharu Miyagi explains all here.

Volume 3: i-EZONE Forged PB Irons

— We heard that the Forged PB Irons are the model that frustrated you most out of all the i-EZONE range, why was this?

We created the i-EZONE Composite Irons for the mid-high handicapper and the EZONE Forged MB Irons for the low handicapper. We then needed to create a set of clubs for the intermediate golfer. The problem we faced was that this is a broad category of players who all look for different things from their clubs. Our research and prototype models compared cavity and pocket back technology. We found that the pocket back iron delivered better results for not only this player group, but for the more advanced golfer too.

— Can you explain the concept behind the new i-EZONE Forged PB Irons?

The concept is ‘a pocket cavity iron that even a professional golfer would find comfortable’.
The conventional pocket cavity iron features a deeper centre of gravity, making it easier to make clean strikes even with inconsistent swings. Advanced golfers have a far more reliable swing and consistency of ball striking. For this reason, they can often over-club and struggle with spin. This is why we paid close attention to where the centre of gravity was positioned. The position is altered in accordance with the club number and each club has been optimized for spin control. Shifting the centre of gravity has allowed us to adjust the trajectory, which helps create standardized distances – which is crucial for consistency.

— You choose SUP10 High Quality Spring Steel for the face of the i-EZONE Forged PB Iron, why was this?

If I had not discovered this material, I would not have created this iron. SUP10 is usually used for producing coiled springs, so it has the perfect qualities to create a high repulsion club face that delivers greater distance.
SUP10 is an incredibly strong material. Its strength allows me to make the club face thinner and redistribute the weight saved to other areas of the club. A thinner face can cause some discomfort at the point of impact, so I decided to maintain a level of thickness that delivers the minimum levels of inertia as the head strikes the ball.
The result is the i-EZONE Forged PB Irons. A set of clubs as solid as a muscle back with the forgiveness of a pocket cavity.