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EZONE XP Drivers

EZONE XP Drivers

The EZONE XP Driver has been designed to generate extra power from your natural swing.
Body Construction:
6AI-4V Titanium Precision Casting
Face Construction:
6AI-4V Titanium Plate
Crown Construction:
High Intensity Carbon
Shaft Construction:
EX300 [Graphite]
Original Tungsten Balance Grip [Golf Pride]

Product Specification

EZONE XP Drivers

Club Flex Loft* Lie* Head Weight Length Shaft Weight Swing Weight
#1 R/S 59.5° 205g 45.25" 56/58g D2
#1 R/S/SL 10.5° 59.5° 205g 45.25" 56/58/55g D2
#1 R/SL 12° 59.5° 205g 45.25" 56/55g D2






*Loft, lie and face angle are independently adjustable.

L/H available in R/S/SL in 10.5° loft.