In Conversation with: Kenichi Tago and Kumiko Ogura


Main point ‘Can the shuttlecock be the reason why you lose the game.’

What’s the strongest point of the YONEX shuttlecocks?

Tago: I can attack with confidence even when using a hairpin shot. If I use other shuttlecocks, I can’t attack with as much confidence. Sometimes, I have to play defensively. In tournaments like YONEX All England Open and YONEX OPEN JAPAN, I play more aggressively than usual because YONEX shuttlecocks are used.
Ogura: The shuttlecock flies with stability and consistency. I smash many times during the game and my racquet can bite the shuttlecock. I could not smash with total confidence without the YONEX shuttlecock

What’s the feeling of the shuttlecock when you hit it?

Tago: The hitting feeling is the time of contact between shuttlecock and racquet, plus the launch feeling of the shuttlecock from the racquet. Good shuttlecocks have a longer time to press upon the strings and also absorb the power from the swing of the racquet, making it fly straight. Bad shuttlecocks come off the racquet quicker, there is little responsiveness and therefore little control. This might be a very small difference, but advanced players can feel the difference.
Ogura: That’s right. I can catch the shuttlecock against the racquet tightly in case of a good shuttlecock. It’s like a bite and then a controlled spring into repulsion.