In Conversation with: Kenichi Tago and Kumiko Ogura


Can high school student notice the difference?

Tago: I have been using YONEX shuttlecocks since high school, so if I use another shuttlecock during a tournament, I would certainly notice!
Ogura: I used nylon shuttlecocks until junior high school. When I started to use feather shuttlecocks, I noticed the difference, however, when I first used the YONEX shuttlecock, I was impressed by the difference they made.
Tago: I want current high school students to try to compare the difference between shuttlecocks. If they notice the difference, their style of play will change.
- How do you begin to use a better class of shuttlecock?
Tago: I think it is better to change shuttlecocks gradually. If your goal is to break through the local tournament, use a lower level shuttlecock to make your base. If your goal is to break through the bigger tournament, use a good shuttlecock several months before the tournament to become familiar with it. If your goal is to go beyond this then use higher level shuttlecock for practice and use a high-grade shuttlecock before the tournament. I think this gradual phasing in of high class shuttles is a good way to progress and helps you improve your game.
- What difference can shuttlecocks make to players who are training hard but who are struggling with their game?
Ogura: It may be that one of the reasons is their choice of shuttlecock. Players may be unaware that part of the reason why they are struggling is because of the difference between their practice shuttlecock and tournament shuttlecock. So, as Tago says, improve the quality of shuttlecock and it can help improve your game.

What is your message to badminton players reading this YONEX shuttle news.

Tago: The YONEX shuttlecock is accepted as the world’s leading shuttlecock. It is used at the major tournaments. You can improve your performance by being aware of the reliability of the YONEX shuttle. If you have never used YONEX shuttlecocks, you should try just at least a dozen. You can improve when you notice the shuttlecock’s impact on the racquet.
Ogura: Shuttlecock awareness is necessary if players are to develop from junior high, to high school, to university student level. With YONEX you can achieve the kind of growth which you may not have even thought possible before. Go on! Aim for a higher level.