History of the YONEX Shuttle

YONEX has started to manufacture the shuttlecock in 1965. In 1981, at the 9th Uber Cup, YONEX shuttlecock was selected as the official shuttlecock. Then, YONEX shuttlecocks were also used for the first time at The All England Open Badminton Championships as a trial. 2,000 dozen YONEX shuttlecocks were requested; however, only 300 dozen were used. Badminton England were impressed with the greater level of durability of the YONEX shuttlecocks. Hitherto, European players had often broken shuttlecocks with their aggressive and powerful smashing style. But the YONEX shuttlecock withstood this attacking style of play.

From this point onwards, the YONEX shuttlecock became an important part of the All England Championships, and its performance was a significant factor in YONEX becoming the title sponsor in 1984.

Now, it is integral to many top level tournaments, such as at major BWF tournaments, and is the shuttle of choice for many world class players.

This was the beginning of the YONEX shuttlecock legend.

In this shuttlecock newsletter, we assess the design strengths of YONEX shuttlecocks by interviewing the players who use them at the highest level and by putting the shuttlecocks themselves to the test.

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