Interview with YONEX shuttlecock craftsmen.

The results of the experiments show that YONEX shuttlecocks are made to exacting standards, ensuring that they perform with a consistently high level of accuracy, flight stability, and durability in all temperatures. Here we meet the custodians of YONEX shuttlecock quality.

Interview 1: All about feathers! With Mr Hiroshi Igarashi“Sixteen of the finest feathers from one wing are used for one shuttlecock”.

YONEX craftsmen with years of experience ensure the feathers fit perfectly into the cork.

The feather selection
Each feather is meticulously selected for its individual flight characteristics. Feathers are assessed for their accuracy, as any slight curve in the feather, or variation in weight, could affect the shuttlecock's flight, causing it to wobble. Sixteen feathers of all the same length are used for one shuttle.

Rigorous shuttle inspection analyses the balance and angle of the feathers and ensures that there is no damage to the feathers.

The craftsmanship
Each individual feather angle is adjusted to a slightly different angle before they are fixed into the cork base using precision machinery, a compressed air process known as ‘feather thrusting’. Each shuttlecock is checked by our YONEX craftsmen to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and balance. Our aim is produce consistently true flight in every shuttlecock.


Interview 2: The Inspection, with Mr Makoto Hasegawa“Players expect nothing but the best from Yonex.”

The Inspection01
YONEX craftsmen check every shuttlecock. Inevitably some fail to reach our standards.

Badminton players trust YONEX shuttlecocks to deliver high standards of fast recovery and accurate flight trajectory over distance and in all temperatures.
To achieve this we test all the shuttlecocks, from top models to practice models, checking the flight performance. Our craftsmen inspect ten aspects of the shuttlecock, such as the perfectly circular spread of feathers, individual feather condition, pristine sealant finish etc.

The Inspection02
Because our shuttlecocks are made from natural materials – which have their own behaviour patterns - we check thousands every day to ensure consistency in manufacture and flight characteristics.

Even though we produce shuttlecocks for the world market we like to think that each one we make is an individual tiny work of art.