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Ahsan & Setiawan Show Their World Beating Performance

20 September 2013

Men’s Doubles

Mohammad Ahsan (ARC-FBSHBF1NLTD)/Hendra Setiawan (NR800SHBF1NLTD)(INA) 2-0 (21-19, 21-19) Yuya Komatsuzaki & Hiroki Takeuchi (JPN)

In an astonishing display of all-round power and know how, it looked that the match would be one sided in favor towards Indonesian pair. However, Japanese pair fought fiercely and it was really close match. In the course of the match, every rally took super-fast flied lows with smashes and drives.
In the first game, Indonesian duo couldn’t permit any point lead to Japanese duo through the game. They earned consecutive points constantly and closed the first game at 21-19.
In the second game, Japanese duo overtook by scoring 5 consecutive points from 13-14 to 17-14 in the latter half of the game. However world championship champions came back and barely finished the game at 21-19.
After the match at mixed zone, Indonesian duo said “Japanese duo played well without any pressure. Actually we had only 2 weeks to prepare for YOJ2013. Therefore, we were in 80% condition today, but we’ll play each match precisely and go for the 1st prize.”

Men’s Singles

Lee Chong Wei (VTZFSHB01LTD)(MAS) 2-0 (21-12 21-16) Anand Pawar (IND)

Slow pace playing by Lee in the very beginning of the first game gave priceless opportunity to his opponent. Pawar could take 5 consecutive points scoring 0-5. Taken aback by the aggressiveness of his opponent, Lee hurried to pace up his footwork speed and quality of shots. This knocked Pawar off his pace so that he couldn't catch up with Lee's speed. This followed by number of unforced errors by Pawar. In the second game, Lee made the most of his opportunities to display his own play style many times. Especially shots combinations with steep fast smashes and dashing pushes toward forecourt. Finally, Lee treated fans with his famous move 'diving defense and rest' at match point and closed the match at 21-16.

Please check the official website of YONEX OPEN JAPAN 2013 for more news.

Tournament Results - Day 2

Men’s Singles - 2nd Round

[1]Lee Chong Wei (VTZFSHB01LTD)(MAS) def. Anand Pawar (IND) 21-12 21-16

[7]Kenichi Tago (NR-ZSP)(JPN) def. Marc Zwiebler (ARC11)(GER) 21-16 19-21 21-14

Women’s Singles - 2nd Round

Akane Yamaguchi (JPN) vs. [8]Sindhu P. V. (NR700RP)(IND) 21-6 21-17

[7]Minatsu Mitani (JPN) def. Yuka Kusunose (JPN) 21-16 21-15

Men’s Doubles - 2nd Round

[1]Mohammad Ahsan (ARC-FBSHBF1NLTD)/Hendra Setiawan (NR800SHBF1NLTD)(INA) def. Yuya Komatsuzaki/Hiroki Takeuchi (JPN) 21-19 21-19

[2]Mathias Boe (VT80)/Carsten Mogensen (ARC-FBSHBF1NLTD)(DEN) def. Taketoshi Kurose/Sho Zeniya (JPN) 21-15 21-11

[8]Hirokatsu Hashimoto /Noriyasu Hirata (JPN) def. Yonathan Suryatama Dasuki (AT900T)/Hendra Aprida Guna­wan (VTZF)(INA) 18-21 21-14 21-15

Women’s Doubles - 2nd Round

[2]Ayaka Takahashi /Misaki Matsutomo (JPN) def. Ng Hui Ern/Ng Hui Lin (MAS) 21-13 21-15

[3]Christinna Pedersen (NR800SHB01-LX)/Kamilla Rytter Juhl (NR800)(DEN) def. Chisato Hoshi/Ayako Sakuramoto (JPN) 21-11 21-8

[8]Poon Lok Yan (VT80)/Tse Ying Suet (ARC10)(HKG) def. Anna Rankin/Madeleine Stapleton (AUS) 21-11 21-15

Mixed Doubles - 2nd Round

[3]Christinna Pedersen (NR800)/Joachim Fischer Nielsen (DEN) def. Gideon Markus Fernaldi/Rizki Amelia Pradipta (INA) 21-9 21-12