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India Secures First Ever Uber Cup Medal

23 May 2014

Thursday, May 22nd marked the quarterfinals of the Thomas & Uber Cup. India made history, winning their first ever Uber Cup medal; Japan advanced to the semifinals in both the Thomas and Uber Cups; Malaysia defeated Denmark; and Indonesia stunned Korea in the Thomas Cup.

In front of an excited home crowd in the Siri Fort Complex, the India women’s team defeated Indonesia by 3-0. Full of confidence, Saina Nehwal defeated Lindaweni Fanetri (NR-ZSP) with a score of 21-17 21-10, using her new NANORAY 900. “It delivers an extremely strong smash, coming down solidly. I love it, and can use it with confidence,” commented Saina as she swung her new racquet.

Lee Chong Wei (VTZF2, SHB01LTD) played against 2014 European Champion Jan O Jorgensen. Chong Wei lost in a tough first game by 22-20. However, things changed in the second game, with Chong Wei opening with a 6-0 lead, and becoming an unstoppable force. His power, speed and technique dominated the court in the remaining two games, refusing the opponent to tie or overtake him. The final score was 20-22 21-14 21-17. Chong Wei Feng (VTZF), Tan Wee Kiong (VTZF) and Goh V Shem (ARC11, SHB87LTD) won each of their matches, grabbing victory over Denmark by 3-1.

The Japan men’s team had a tough start against France after a loss by Kenichi Tago to Brice Leverdez. But Japan managed to turn it around, winning three matches in a row. Between the efforts of Takuma Ueda and Sho Sasaki in singles, and Keigo Sonoda and Takeshi Kamura in doubles, Japan grasped three victories, taking them to the semifinal.

On the women’s side, Japan faced off against Denmark again, defeating them 3-0. The first match between Minatsu Mitani and Line Kjaersfeldt was very close. Minatsu was leading in the final game, taking the match point at 20-15, but Line amazingly managed to catch up, clinching six points, taking the match point for her own. With a tense atmosphere, Minatsu played a stable game, to finish the match, giving her team a 1-0 lead. The final score was 21-18 9-21 23-21. Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo defeated Kamilla Rytter Juhl (NR-ZSP) and Christinna Pedersen (NR800, SHB-01LX) by 21-13 21-12 in doubles, with Sayaka Takahashi defeating Anna Thea Madsen with 21-14 21-17 in singles.

In the Thomas Cup, Malaysia will face Indonesia, and Japan will face the defending champion, China. In the Uber Cup, India and Japan will play for the final spot.


Tournament Results: Quarterfinals

Thomas Cup

China def. Thailand 3-0

Japan def. France 3-1

Malaysia def. Denmark 3-1

Indonesia def. Korea 3-2


Uber Cup

Korea def. Thailand 3-1

Japan def. Denmark 3-0

China def. England 3-0

India def. Indonesia 3-0