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07 May 2014


Yonex unveiled the new badminton racquet, NANORAY 900 on It will be released in June, 2014.


NANOSCIENCE: new technology for winning moves

The evolution of the NANORAY 900 means shot speed and playing style has changed dramatically. The driving force is NANOSCIENCE – a technology developed by Yonex over many years that is revolutionizing the game by adding a brand new option to the player’s tactical repertoire.

The NANORAY 900 is the result of extensive research with NANOMETRIC in the frame and X-FULLERENE in the shaft. This new, stress construction technology creates a new style of shot making with greater angle to the smash and the ultimate drop cut smash the NANORAY 900 will gives advanced, hard-hitting players a  racquet with increased performance and balance to overwhelm the opposition.

Creating a new way to smash

To further develop this aggressive style of play, YONEX developed a new frame shape that will overwhelming opponents by delivering a faster, steeper-angled smash. This also required a new approach to the construction – one that would suppress the angle of the shuttlecock immediately after contact rather than sending it in an upwards direction.

Cutting-edge NANOSCIENCE material NANOMETRIC is used for the frame, enabling it to flex during the swing and to hold the shuttlecock at point of contact. The result is a totally new type of frame that uses stress construction techniques to keep the upper and lower parts of the frame very stiff and the middle area flexible for increased, rapid downward control of the shuttlecock.

The NANORAY 900 gives you a steeper angle to your smash, to land it at your opponent’s feet. This together with the match winning features of greater repulsion power and speed within the NANORAY range will maximize your point-winning potential.

Equipping you for the drop cut smash

Outsmart your opponent with the ultimate drop cut smash, one that drops close to the net but wide of your opponent. The reshaped the top part of the frame increases the sweet spot to increase the spin to the shuttlecock making it drop closer to the net and away from your opponent. Always unpredictable and offering a powerful source of points, the drop cut smash will give you the winning edge.