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Innovative Slim Body design gives smoother movement and high speed swing for match winning smashes.
Item Code:
H.M. Graphite, H.T. Graphite, CS CARBON NANOTUBE
H.M. Graphite, SUPER HMG, Ultra PEF
Weight / Grip Size:
3U (Ave.88g) G3,4,5
2U (Ave.93g) G3,4,5
Laser Yellow

Made in Japan

Product Reviews

  • This is my first serious racket, and it's taken me that long to have a good enough hold on it to write a review confidently. The first impression I had for this very technical racket was its weight. Took me awhile to get used to a 3U one (considering I started out with a 5U APACS), and I even thought it was head-heavy!

    Now, a year down the road, my skills have improved substantially and I'm able to properly wield and use this racket to better effect.

    This review is from my own opinions of the racket and the game of badminton. Take this with a pinch of salt. If you've got any questions on this racket, feel free to ask.

    Ok, now on to the review.

    Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash TH
    Dry Weight: 86-89g (3U)
    Grip Size: G5
    Balance: Even
    Max String Tension: 24lbs
    Flex: Stiff
    Strings: Yonex BG66 Ultimax @ 24lbs

    I've used this racket only for singles play.

    Being an even-balanced racket, the defense rating for the ArcSaber Z-Slash TH does not disappoint. However, it takes a little getting used to because of the smaller head, which sometimes mean a frame hit here and there.

    This special characteristic of the racket allows for quicker swings and harder returns on defense, and that is always welcome.

    Switching from side to side was easy, the same I'd expect from an even-balanced racket. Holding the ArcSaber Z-Slash TH, it feels a little longer than the other rackets I have, and that translats to easier reach for netshots. Just a hunch.

    Advertised as the racket that produced the fastest recorded badminton smash in the world, the Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash TH takes its aerodynamic frame seriously. Cutting across the air with a very crisp sound, the racket gives its wielder very little air resistance when swung.

    However, the lack of weight in the front makes the racket lose out to the Voltric 80 in terms of raw power. Comparing it with the ArcSaber 10 PG however, the Z-Slash TH seems to edge out a little bit.

    But we don't all win games with smashes, don't we? I noticed that the hits coming off the Z-Slash TH takes advantage of its quick swing speed, delivering the drives and check smashes at a delectable pace.

    Here's where this racket shines. When you're able to get reasonably good hits off its small head, the ArcSaber Z-Slash TH offers a very acute level of control. There's not a lot of room for error, but you'll be glad you took the time to tame the beast that is the Z-Slash.

    I've no complaints against most of Yonex's racket designs, and the Z-Slash TH is no different. Taking the official colors for Taufik Hidayat, red and black, the designers added a dash of white and gold for that motion blur effect when you swing the racket head.

    Defense: 8
    Attack: 8
    Control: 9
    Looks: 8

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