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Two New Driver Shafts: The REXIS KAIZA (Light) and the REXIS KAIZA M2, to be released mid-September 2018

30 August 2018

Yonex Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the release of two innovative new graphite driver shafts in the Rexis series, produced at Yonex’s Niigata manufacturing headquarters. The REXIS KAIZA (Light) employs next-generation graphite material “Namd*1” to create a shaft that is surprisingly light and stiff, while the REXIS KAIZA M2 produces high initial velocity and trajectory. Both will release in mid-September 2018.

The REXIS KAIZA (Light), at only 39g with a hardness rating of X, bucks conventional thinking that a light shaft must be soft. By adopting new dimension graphite material Namd the REXIS KAIZA (Light) is the first shaft in the range of 30 grams with a hardness of X*2, making it truly innovative.

In addition to increasing head speed by weight reduction, the club’s moment of inertia becomes smaller, making the club easier to swing and more stable through impact. And because the hardness is X, even players with a high head speed will not lose momentum at impact, making it an ideal shaft for players of all ages and skill levels.

Both the REXIS KAIZA (Light) and the REXIS KAIZA M2 adopt the ultra-thin, multi-layered graphite structure common to the REXIS KAIZA series. By winding an ultra-thin carbon sheet into multiple layers, it’s possible to make a completely uniform shaft for a consistent swing plane from a flexed position through the ball strike.

In addition, graphite material "nanometric*3 DR," assembled with Yonex’s proprietary nanoscience technology is combined in the shaft construction. Increasing head speed at impact equates to those valuable extra yards.

*1 Namd is a technology developed by Nitta Co. to uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes onto graphite fibers on a nano level
*2 Based on Yonex research
*3 Nanometric materials are developed based on Toray Industries' Nanoalloy® technology.


 1.    New dimension graphite material “Namd” means faster initial ball velocity (REXIS KAIZA (Light))

The new dimension graphite material “Namd” dramatically improves the interface adhesion of the Graphite fibers and resin, resulting in a high-strength, lightweight shaft. With increased flex and an unprecedented snapback, it produces a high initial ball velocity for maximum distances.

2.    "Multilayered winding recipe" — ultra-thin, uniform carbon sheet multilayer manufacturing method (REXIS KAIZA (Light), M2)

A thick carbon sheet causes a “step” due to overlap, resulting in variation in hardness. "Multilayered winding" eliminates dispersion of hardness by winding an extremely thin carbon sheet over multiple layers. This leads to uniformity in the shaft, and a consistent return to form after flexing.

3.    Nanometric DR graphite material means high initial velocity and high trajectory

High strength carbon material "Nanometric * 3DR" assembled with our proprietary nanoscience technology based on Toray Industries' next generation aerospace material. durability, resilience and impact strength exceed the standard graphite, to realize a unity of the entire shaft.