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28 March 2013

It was a proud achievement for YONEX that i-EZONE Driver and Fairway Wood Type Ti were selected as the silver medal in “HOT LIST JAPAN 2013”. HOT LIST is the rating system by American magazine Golf Digest which started in 2004, and golf clubs sold in Japan were tested by amateur players and a third-party institution to be measured their performances for HOT LIST JAPAN award.

i-EZONE Driver is reviewed as it generates a straighter shot with high trajectory even if a off-centre, “It’s very helpful to hit a accurate drive when I hit a tee shot”. And the testers were impressed that i-EZONE Fairway Wood Type Ti makes it possible to launch the ball easily with a solid impact, “I was surprised that I can hit a high trajectory shot effortlessly”. They are also pleased with their two-tone club head colour at their address.

We have uploaded the i-EZONE microsite to introduce the innovative technology. Please check it out from the link below.

Besides EZONE TOUR Wedge, which is exclusive for Japanese market, also received the silver award in the wedge category.