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Royal EZONE Drivers

Distinguished detailing and devastating distance

Royal EZONE Drivers

Proven YONEX technologies and carefully selected materials provide on-course advantage with superior distance and unrivalled confidence.
Body Construction:
8AL-1V Titanium Precision Casting with HD-HM Carbon
Face Construction:
SP-700HM Titanium Plate
Crown Construction:
HD-HM Carbon
Shaft Construction:
Original Rubber Grip

Product Technology

Developed in Japan and a direct result of the latest technical advances, Core Centre of Gravity technology has the capacity to further a player’s game in any direction he or she wishes to take it.

By micro-adjusting the centre of gravity YONEX has achieved a unique and unprecedented expansion of the sweet spot covering more of the club face. This provides players with new, maximized levels of power and control.

Core Centre of Gravity (AS)

The Dual Carbon Composite Head features:

  • HD-HM Carbon inserted into both crown and the toe-end of the sole adjusting weight distribution for optimum balance and performance.
  • 8Al-1V Titanium Precision Cast Body with Tungsten.
  • SP700HM Titanium Plate Face for enhanced power levels.

Dual Carbon Composite Head

EZONE Muscle Power Face

The titanium Muscle Power Face varies in thickness between 1.7mm and 3.2mm to ensure maximum ball speed from any point on the surface.




YONEX expertise in composite graphite technology has lead to the creation of the new NANOPREME™ shaft - a high intensity, extremely elastic material that provides increased energy transfer and superior shaft stability.

The NANOPREME™ shaft enables faster head speeds and reduced shaft deformation for longer, straighter drives and optimizes the performance of the EZONE series delivering a consistent feel, increased performance and greater distance.