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VXF FL Hybrids

Forgiving control and distance whatever the lie

VXF FL Hybrids

The VXF Hybrid and Fairway Wood feature a new larger head to increase the sweet spot and MOI* for greater control and confidence at the address. *Moment of Inertia
Body & Face Construction:
SUS630 Stainless Steel Precision Casting
Shaft Construction:
HS750 (Graphite)
Original Rubber Grip

Product Technology

The new head shapes appear larger at address than previous clubs and are combined with a larger sweet spot and MOI† for greater power and control.

*Tested by YONEX  †Moment of Inertia

Larger Head_UT

The smooth swing sole reduces the turf area that comes into contact with the sole, helping to improve swing speed.

L_Smooth Swing Sole