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Anke Huber Selects EZONE Xi

27 January 2012

Name: Anke Huber
Age: 37
Status: Former WTA #4
Belong to: Ludwigshafen
Racquet: EZONE Xi 100
gThis is just a great racquet. I am not a professional player anymore, but I think this racquet is good for everybody. You can play a lot of spin with it or you can play really fast and still have enough control of the ball.
I will for sure use this racquet in the future.h

Impresions for EZONE Xi from Germany

Name: Michael Andreasson (upper image)
Age: 40
Occupation: Tennis Coach
Status: Head Coach
Belong to: Tennis Piding Academy
Test Racquet: EZONE Xi 98 (String: Polytour 130/ 24 kg)
gThis racquet feels really comfortable, even working many hours on the court. When playing points it gives me power without losing comfort. One of the best racquets I ever played!!
Our juniors say the racquet gives them a lot of speed so they were also excited to play with it!h

[Negative Impressions]
Name: Axel Pretsch (center image)
Age: 35
Occupation: Coach
Status: Former ATP #99,
Bundesliga over 30 #1
Test Racquet: EZONE Xi 100 (String: Poly Fivre viper 1.25/ 27/26 kg)
gNice optic and handling. It has a good acceleration.h But soft feeling from its frame was not acceptable for him. He felt framefs vibration much.

Name: Renata Tomanova (bottom image)
Age: 56
Status: Former Finalist of Australian Open and French Open, #ITF #1
Belong to: SV Planegg
Test Racquet: EZONE Xi 100
gI was testing the EZONE Xi 100. For me it is not the right racquet. For me the racquet is too slow. I love the RQiS2 Tour and also think, that VCORE 100S is very fine.h