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Impression for EZONE Xi from UK

02 July 2012

Name: Liz Bamber
Status: Head Coach
Belong to: Colston LTC/ Bampton Tennis Club
Current Racquet: S-FIT 1
Test Racquet: EZONE Xi 100
Being a devoted fan of my S-FIT 1, I was not expecting to like or trust the new EZONE Xi 100. I was wrong, I loved everything about it.
Firstly, the softness of the handle was amazing it seemed so flexible, I almost thought it was bending in my hand as I hit my shots. I did not have a problem with any of my shots whether I was going for power or touch - the first drop shot I attempted was feathered over the net for a winnerc.
I did not feel necessarily that I had more power than with my S-FIT 1, but definitely more control. I felt my backhand slice could really bite into the ball, keeping low over the net and gaining length to make life difficult for my opponent.
Not quite sure what to do with my S-FIT 1 now... 

Name: Steve Thomas
Age: 31
Occupation: Club Manager, Head Coach
Location: Corfe Mullen, Dorset, England
Current Racquet: VCORE 95D
Test Racquet: EZONE Xi 98
I was recently given the opportunity to try the new EZONE Xi 98. I formerly used the VCORE 95D and didn't think anything would match that. However, I was in for a big surprise.
My first impression was, it seemed a bit too large and wide to be a real players racquet, but after using it for less than 10 minutes I realised I was wrong. The shot making ability of the racquet is untrue. It has all the feel, touch and control or the VCORE but combines it with more power and a solid feel as well as more flexibility. Being slightly head heavy it also gives you great racquet head speed and the ability to drive through the ball with slightly less effort.
This in turn makes it a great racquet for intermediate and advanced players and is certainly suitable for coaching as well. With little effort you can move the ball around the court and doesn't quite have the stiffness of the VCORE 95D/ 98D.