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POLYTOUR Strings selected as "2012 STRING OF THE YEAR"

29 January 2013

YONEX’s POLYTOUR PRO 125 tennis strings, known for their softness, were chosen as "Poly String of the Year 2012" and pentagon-shaped  POLYTOUR SPIN was chosen as "Newcomer of the Year 2012" on tennis string community site, Stringforum. (German version)

Stringforum is a famous website, especially for stringers in Germany, which introduces various tennis strings from all brands, and visitors can exchange a lot of information. In the site’s 2012 String of the Year Survey, 108 people from the German site and 159 people from the English site voted for their favourite string. The POLYTOUR PRO 125 has been ranked very well in each performance category such as Power, Feel and Comfort, topping the ranking in 'Feel'. It was selected as the "Poly String of the Year 2012". Meanwhile, the POLYTOUR SPIN was selected as "Newcomer of the Year 2012" on the German site, and both got second on the English site, too.

Stringforum (German):

Stringforum (English):

Maria Kirilenko has been using POPLYTOUR PRO 125 strings for two years. She commented, "I just love it and I will continue to play with this one. I don't wanna change it to anything else because I feel so good".

Sabine Lisicki has just started to use POLYTOUR SPIN on tour. "I get more power and control with this new string. Even after the bounce, my shots never lose spin. I like this blue color very much and hope to play well with this string during the season."