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Stan’s Breakthrough Gathering Remarkable Attention

17 January 2014

A 28-year-old Swiss player, Stanislas Wawrinka (VCORE Tour G) has been receiving more attention as he had the sensational season last year.

Thanks to his breakthrough, Stan was named Swiss Personality of the Year in a ceremony in Switzerland on Saturday, January 11th. He was honoured to receive the recognition. “It’s great. It’s a big honour for me to be the personality of the year. I had a lot of support in Switzerland, a lot of people watching what I’m going, trying to support me during the year. For sure it’s a big thing for me,” he said at the press interview in Melbourne on Sunday.

Furthermore, Stan was featured on the 2014 January issue of ActivInstinct magazine published by the UK online retailer, ActivInstinct. In the article, he answered some questions looking back on the last season, meanwhile he commented about his gear. “I’m really happy with the relationship I have with YONEX, it’s an amazing brand. I’m really happy with the racquet which helps me with my game and allows me to be able to play faster and with more spin,” he talked. To check all the article featuring Stan, please turn to page 18 and 19 of the web magazine from the link below!

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