ISOMETRICTM is our signature racquet technology that we developed over 30 years ago and has helped some of the world’s greatest players achieve global success

ISOMETRICTM has been designed to increase the number of the longest main and cross string that intersect, increasing the sweet spot by 7%*.

Reduces air resistance for faster speed and increased spin

The VCORE SV boasts a 16%* decrease in air resistance and a 2.9%* increase in swing speed thanks to its New Aero Fin Technology. The new technology features fins along the inner-area of the frame top and on the outer area of the frame at the 2 and 10 O’clock positions.

Innovative structure delivers better ball hold and launch

The VCORE SV’s innovative SV Frame design allows players to get a firm grip on the ball and launch it effectively. The inside of the upper portion of the frame has been equipped with our new NANOMETRIC XT carbon.

New Aero Fin and SV Frame improve spin by 5%*

*Tested by Yonex.