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    Air Resistance 14% Down
    Serve Speed 6% Up

    The racquet is equipped with all new fins inside the top of the frame giving players the fastest serve. Air resistance on the top of the frame is decreased by 14%.*1
    The throat grooves of the 3D Vector Shaft improve racquet stiffness, generating supreme face stability and giving players more efficient power.
    Carbon graphite and elastic particles are added to MICRO CORE technology for increased face stability and even better vibration dampening.
    Yonex’s innovative technology has produced unique new grommet
    holes that maximize string movement to generate the greatest spin.
    Main String improves spin, and Cross String increases ball dwell time.
    The grommet holes are specialized shapes delivering natural hold.
    Yonex ISOMETRIC™ has been designed to increase the number of the longest main and cross strings that intersect, increasing the sweet spot by 7%.*2 A compact, ISOMETRIC™ racquet head [100sq inch] can generate a sweet spot equal to a larger, round-headed racquet [107sq inch]. This delivers greater control without loss of power.
    NEO CS CARBON NANOTUBE Produces greater flexibility to hold the ball,
    generating even greater levels of spin.
    NANOMETRIC*3 Lightweight and stiff material to
    strengthen the racquet head.
    O.P.S. (Oval Pressed Shaft) Yonex’s unique technology creates
    the ideal amount of shaft flex at impact for
    enhanced ball spin and control.

    *1 Compared to conventional model. Tested by Yonex. *2 Tested by Yonex.
    *3 NANOMETRIC is the new material which applies the NANOALLOYTM technology of Toray Industries, Inc.


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    • Color:Bright Red Head size:93 sq.in. Avg. Weight:310g/10.9oz Length:27 in.
    • B.Coric
      Color:Bright Red Head size:97 sq.in. Avg. Weight:G:310g/10.9oz
      Length:27 in.
    • J.Monaco
      Color:Flash Orange Head size:98 sq.in. Avg. Weight:G:305g/10.8oz
      Length:27 in.
    • A.Kerber
      Color:Flash Orange Head size:100 sq.in. Avg. Weight:G:300g/10.6oz
      Length:27 in.
    • Color:Flash Orange Head size:98 sq.in. Avg. Weight:275g/9.7oz Length:27 in.
    • Color:Flash Orange Head size:105 sq.in. Avg. Weight:265g/9.3oz Length:27 in.
    • S.Wawrinka
      Color:Fine Orange Head size:97 sq.in. Avg. Weight:G:310g/10.9oz
      Length:27 in.
    • Color:Flash Orange Head size:98 sq.in. Avg. Weight:250g/8.8oz Lenah:26 in.
    • Color:Flash Orange Head size:98 sq.in. Avg. Weight:240g/8.5oz Lenah:25 in.
    • Color:Flash Orange, Neon Pink Head size:105 sq.in. Avg. Weight:225g/7.9oz Length:25 in.
    • Color:Flash Orange, Neon Pink Head size:95 sq.in. Avg. Weight:210g/7.4oz Length:23 in.
    • Color:Flash Orange, Neon Pink Head size:85 sq.in. Avg. Weight:195g/6.9oz Length:21 in.

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    • Stan Wawrinka 2014 Australian Open Winner The racquet can help me to improve and I was happy with the new racquet from the beginning, especially it gives me more spin. I think this racquet is good for the players who want to play aggressively from the baseline like me. This racquet gives us more control when we want to be aggressive and when we make the plan from the baseline.
    • Angelique Kerber 2014 Bank of the West Classic Singles Finalist The racquet is very nice. It gives me much more spin, and I also feel that I can improve my game to the next level. It has much more stability, and also gives more power to my shots. This is the great racquet for me.
    • Juan Monaco 2014 Crédit Agricole Suisse Open Gstaad Singles Finalist VCORE Si is a very special racquet. It was nice to hear that it offers something very uncommon, like how it gives the ball more power, speed, and spin. I also love the colors. The racquet has really good control on the ball, reaches well, and I can return easily. I have a really good feeling about this racquet, and I look forward to playing at an even higher level with it. Thanks to YONEX in Japan for putting a lot of effort into making this racquet.
    • Borna Coric 2014 ATP Star of Tomorrow Award
      [The youngest player in Top 100]
      I wanted more speed on my groundstrokes and serves because I like to play very defensive. The extra edge I get from the speed allows me to be more confident on important shots where I get uneasy. This was a perfect fit for me and I’m very happy with this racquet.
    • Donna Vekic 2014 BMW Malaysian Open Singles Winner The new racquet is amazing! It offers a high level of power control, and it goes without saying that I love the amazing spin it gives the ball. It’s exactly what's needed for my game, and it gives me confidence to go out there and give 100%.
    • Pierre-Hugues Herbert 2015 Australian Open Doubles Finalist Since I’m a doubles player, I’m really fond of how well this racquet controls during volleys, and the feeling on the ball. The racquet also gives me great spin, as well as strong returns that my opponents can’t touch. I’ve been seeing great results with it.