Optimal maneuverability & freeriding performance on par with the best freestyle boards.

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Size 157・161
Color(s) Oil Brawn
Material(s) H.T. Graphite / ISO CORE / Aramid Honeycomb / Rubber Metal
Base Material (s) ISO SPEED 7500 Graphite
Made In Japan
Item Code GL22

The GLIDE is a quality performance board with a very high reputation developed for freeriding. The ISOMETRIC TIP structure provides the perfect float in deep powder snow, while also reducing it’s nose weight. Furthermore, the CENTROid technology brings the board balance closer to the center, enabling comfortable and carefree maneuverability similar to freestyle boards. This freeriding board will help you glide through the powder and even perform freestyle-like moves. You can enjoy the natural terrain and maintain control while making deep carving turns through compressed snow trails. The switch to the GLIDE can be smooth for freestyle boarders too and will widen your riding possibilities. Yonex’s newest spec freeride board is recommended for the mature snowboarder on the lookout for a new riding sensation.

Size Length Effective Edge Running Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Side Curve Stance Width Set Back FT Value
F / T
157 1575 1175 (1130) (255) 190 300 248 279 7500 480~600 (20BACK) 89 / 91
161 1615 1215 (1170) (255) 190 303 252 283 7850 500~620 (20BACK) 92 / 95