TYPE D is more forgiving for a wide range of golfers due to the evolved carbon crown and new “StrikeSpeed Carbon” construction, and aims for pinpoint accuracy as if it “carries” the ball TYPE D has a better grip and draw due to weight distribution

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Body 8AL-1Mo-1V Titanium Precision Casting
Face Super-TIX® 51AF Rolled Material
Crown 2G-NamdTM Speed
Sleeve A 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Weight Screw Tungsten Alloy
Grip Original Elastomer Grip
Shaft GRAPHITE SHAFT RK-04GT (2G-NamdTM Flex Force)
Accessories Head Cover
Shaft RK-04GT (MID HIGH)
Shaft Flex R S SL R S
Loft (°) 9 10.5
Lie (°) 59.5 (STD)
Volume (ml) 460
Shaft Weight (g) 54 62 46 54 62
Torque (°) 5 4.3 6.5 5 4.3
Club Length (in) 45.5
Club Weight (g) 305 313 297 305 313
Swing Weight D2 D2.5 D1.5 D2 D2.5