An all-time favorite freeride board for women. With high maneuverability and quality performance this board is paving the way for the ultimate riding experience.

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Size 147・151
Color(s) Natural
Material(s) H.T. Graphite / ISO CORE / Aramid Honeycomb / Rubber Metal
Base Material (s) ISO SPEED 7500 Graphite
Made In Japan
Item Code GR22

Likewise to the GLIDE, this board adopts Yonex’s cutting-edge technology while aggressively pursuing the ultimate maneuverability for female riders. The built-in ISOMETRIC TIP structure enables enough float to tackle deep powder snow. The CENTROid technology centers the board balance, making the nose lighter and creating a twin (tip-like) freestyle board feel with immense controllability. The GRACE raises the bar to further your riding possibilities even in deep powder, tree runs and other natural terrain that require careful board control. For riders who wish to take their skills to the next level this season, this is the board you won’t want to miss.

Size Length Effective Edge Running Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Side Curve Stance Width Set Back FT Value
F / T
147 1475 1085 (1040) (250) 185 289 239 269 6700 440~560 (20BACK) 80 / 83
151 1515 1125 (1080) (255) 185 295 244 274 7050 460~580 (20BACK) 84 / 87