2-Time Grand Slam Champion Angelique Kerber Visits Yonex’s Niigata Manufacturing Headquarters

2016 World No. 1, Angelique Kerber, currently in Japan for the Toray Pan Pacific Open, visited the Niigata Manufacturing Headquarters for the first time on September 15th. The German tennis star made the trip to Yonex’s home city of Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture, where she witnessed the technology, innovation, and craftsmanship involved in making the high quality Japanese products.

“I’ve been using a Yonex racquet during my whole career, that is, for more than 10 years, so it’s practically a prolongation of my arm. I have achieved many victories in important matches with this racquet, 2 of them in Grand Slams,” she commented about her long partnership with Yonex. “I was impressed by how carefully Yonex racquets are made one by one. I’m proud to compete with Yonex and I hope I can make all the factory workers proud of their hard work on court.”