2016 BWF Dubai World Superseries Finals: Viktor Axelsen Wins First Superseries Title

Sunday, December 18th saw Viktor Axelsen (ARCSABER 11POWER CUSHION 65) win his very first Superseries title on the grandest of stages—The BWF Dubai World Superseries Finals. The win was not only a personal triumph for Viktor, but also a historic achievement for Europe; the Dane becoming the first European to win a men’s singles title at the year-end tournament.

This landmark first title for Viktor comes after the Dane started stringing his racquet with the new AEROBITE string combo as of the Yonex Denmark Open. AEROBITE is a unique hybrid-combo string set, featuring mains and crosses at different gauges. This unique string pattern applies heavy spin for decisive cut smashes as well as a solid touch on hairpins, sending the shuttle straight down into the opposing court. “AEROBITE not only gives me good accuracy but I also find that my power in my smashes increases,” spoke Viktor, praising his new string.

Against All Odds

In the seventh Superseries tournament final of his career, Viktor remained resolute, overcoming all odds to defeat China’s Tian Houwei, 21-14 6-21 21-17 at the prestigious event. The Dane got off to an excellent start in the opening game, consistently keeping one step ahead of his opponent until he managed to seize the lead at 6-6, striking with decisiveness, confidence and finesse. He would take the opening game with a quick hit into the back corner of Houwei’s court.

In what would become a rather see-saw match, Houwei evened the score by taking the second game and grasping an early lead in the decider. Viktor however remained steadfast, gradually picking up points. Down 14-16, Viktor earned six consecutive points, three of which took the form of explosive jump smashes, earning him match point. The title would summarily be bestowed upon the Dane when Houwei was unable to return a lightening shot off of Viktor’s racquet.

“Winning this title means the world to me. I’ve been in many finals now… it was a battle of nerves, especially in the third set, and I am happy I came out the strongest in the end,” spoke an enthusiastic Viktor immediately after his win.

Strong Runs in Doubles

Team Yonex doubles players all boasted strong runs at this year’s tournament, placing as finalists in all disciplines. The Japanese men’s doubles pair of Takeshi Kamura (ARCSABER 11, Yonex Shoes) and Keigo Sonoda (ARCSABER 11, Yonex Shoes) triumphed in a close semifinal against Mads Pieler Kolding (ARCSABER 11, POWER CUSHION 65) and Mads Conrad-Petersen, 21-17 21-19 to earn their place in the final match. In women’s doubles, Ayaka Takahashi (DUORA 7) and Misaki Matsutomo would win all of their round robin matches and semifinal match in straight games before placing as the 2016 finalists.

Chris Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE IIPOWER CUSHION AERUS 2 MENS) and Gabrielle Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE IIPOWER CUSHION AERUS 2 LADIES) fought hard to make it back into the final round this year, triumphing in a 3-game semifinal thriller against Praveen Jordan (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE II, POWER CUSHION 65) and Debby Susanto (NANOSPEED 9900, POWER CUSHION 65), 21-19 17-21 21-9 to come out as this year’s mixed doubles finalists.

2016 BWF Dubai World Superseries Finals Tournament Results

Men’s Singles (Final)

Viktor Axelsen (ARCSABER 11POWER CUSHION 65)(DEN) def. Tian Houwei (CHN) 21-14 6-21 21-17

Men’s Doubles (Final)

V Shem Goh/Wee Kiong Tan (MAS) def. Takeshi Kamura (ARCSABER 11, Yonex Shoes)/Keigo Sonoda (ARCSABER 11, Yonex Shoes)(JPN) 21-14 21-19

Women’s Doubles (Final)

Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan (CHN) def. Ayaka Takahashi (DUORA 7)/Misaki Matsutomo (JPN) 21-15 13-21 21-17

Mixed Doubles (Final)

Zheng Siwei/Chen Qingchen (CHN) def. Chris Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE IIPOWER CUSHION AERUS 2 MENS)/Gabrielle Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE IIPOWER CUSHION AERUS 2 LADIES)(ENG) 21-12 21-12