4 Titles for VOLTRIC Players in the US Open

2012 YONEX OCBC US Open Championships Grand Prix Gold was held from July 2nd to 8th in L.A. and another YONEX sponsored event, 2012 YONEX Canada Open Grand Prix will be held from July 10th to 15th in Richmond.
At the US Open, YONEX players won 4 titles with VOLTRIC series. No. 3 seed Vladimir Ivanov(VT80) of Russia defeated No. 1 seed Takuma Ueda(ARC10) in the men's singles final. It was an all Japanese final in the men's doubles, Hiroyuki Endo(VT80) and Kenichi Hayakawa defeated Yoshiteru Hirobe(ARC10) and Kenta Kazuno. No. 1 seed Ayaka Takahashi(VT80) and Misaki Matsutomo won the women's doubles title after winning against No. 2 seed Valeri Sorokina(ARC9FL) and Nina Vislova(ARC-ZS). Tony Gunawan (VTZF) and Howard Bach (NS9900) became the semifinalists of men's doubles event and With Vita Marissa of Indonesia, Tony took home the mixed doubles trophy by defeating No. 3 seed Kenichi Hayakawa and Misaki Matsutomo in the final.

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Gunawan's image is from the All England Open 2012

Tournament Results [Finals]
Men's Singles
1. Vladimir Ivanov [3](RUS)
2. Takuma Ueda [1](JPN)

Women's Singles
1. Hsiao Ma Pai [1](TPE)
2. Kaori Imabeppu (JPN)

Men's Doubles
1. Hiroyuki Endo/ Kenichi Hayakawa [1](JPN)
2. Yoshiteru Hirobe/ Kenta Kazuno [4](JPN)

Women's Doubles
1. Ayaka Takahashi / Misaki Matsutomo [1](JPN)
2. Valeri Sorokina/ Nina Vislova [2](RUS)

Mixed Doubles
1. Tony Gunawan (USA)/ Vita Marissa (INA)
2. Kenichi Hayakawa/ Misaki Matsutomo [3](JPN)