Better Control with YONEX Shuttlecock

Christinna Pedersen(NS9900) and Kamilla Rytter Juhl(ARC10) came to YONEX room and they gave us their comments for YONEX shuttlecocks.

gIfm really pleased to practice with YONEX shuttlecock! I feel more control and especially, at net." Juhl said that she could play same as the usual practice at the tournament. Pedersen added, gI sometimes feel a difference between other brands." Robert Blair from Scotland mentioned about the difference, gYONEX shuttlecocks fly smoothly and it has a similar quality at every tournament in the world, so I donft need to worry about shuttlecocks." Some players say that YONEX shuttlecocks spin better and last longer.

YONEX shuttlecocks are selected by a lot of tournaments and professional players.

In the menfs singles qualifying tournament, a young star from Denmark, Viktor Axelsen(VTZF) advanced to the main draw after winning two matches. This is the first time to compete in the All England for him and he is enjoying this tournament so much. The main draw will start soon, stay tuned for it!