Boom Boom Sabine Lisicki Becomes Fastest-Serving Woman Tennis Player in History

VCORE player Sabine Lisicki (VCORE Tour 97POLYTOUR SPIN) made history, becoming the fastest-serving woman tennis player ever. In the first round at the Bank of the West Classic on July 29th, Lisicki unleashed a ferocious serve that clocked in at 211 km/h (131 mph).

Competing against No. 5 seed Ana Ivanovic (EZONE Ai 98) in the first round, the incredible serve came in the eleventh game of a 5-5 opening set.  At 40-30 with Ana in the lead, Sabine hit the resounding 211 km/h serve, breaking the previous record set by Venus Williams in the US Open in 2007, when she hit a serve that came to 207.6 km/h (129 mph). However, Ana took the set with an excellent return, and won the match in the end.

Sabine has been affectionately dubbed “Boom Boom Lisicki” by fans for her hard-hitting and aggressive game. “I hit a 130 mph serve before, but it wasn't official. That’s why I'm happy that my 131 mph serve that I hit with my YONEX racquet is the new world record! YONEX continues to help me improve my game to new levels,” commented Sabine on her great serve.

She also had this to say about her VCORE Tour 97, which hit the record-breaking serve, “It has a lot of power and control at the same time, which is very important for me.”

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