China Masters 2017 Results

The Chinese Taipei pair Chen Hung Ling / Chi Lin Wang, who joined Team Yonex in January 2017, claimed the BWF Grand Prix Gold tournament title in Men’s Doubles, while Aya Ohori defeated fellow Japanese player Saena Kawakami, becoming the champion in Women’s Singles.

1) Men’s Doubles

Chen Hung Ling (ARCSABER 11) / Chi Lin Wang (NANORAY 900) (TPE) [1]
21-14, 21-6
Takuto Inoue (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱ) / Yuki Kaneko (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱ) (JPN) [5]

*Photo taken at Malaysia Open 2017

2) Women’s Singles

Aya Ohori (NANORAY Z-SPEED) (JPN) [2]
21-9, 9-21, 21-18
Saena Kawakami VOLTRIC 70 E-tune (JPN) [5]

*Photo taken at Hong Kong Open 2016

You can check the results of the tournament here: