You would face various situations in a game. Both in offense and defense, the drive shot is a key to take the initiative and win a point. Nowadays, the drive shot rally is getting faster, so all the players have to practice harder to improve the skill. YONEX's head-light racquet, NANORAY series will help your racquet handling and prepare for the next shot quicker during the fast rallies.
Japanese top badminton players and former players insist the importance of the drive shot. Please check them out.

Name: Kumiko Ogura
Country: Japan
Status: Former national team member
"The drive shot is essential to take the initiative in a match. It helps you turn defence into attack and win. I use the drive shot to outmanoeuvre opponents rather than trying to hit aces. I believe players need to look at using the drive shot as an important part of their game."

Name: Shizuka Matsuo
Country: Japan
Belong to: Panasonic
World Ranking: No. 11 in the Women's Doubles (as of August 2nd)
"The drive shot can be used as a tactic for switching from defence to attack.
I aim to hit my ideal drive shot flight trajectory, where the shuttlecock goes straight down at a sharp angle at great speed just over the net.
If you want to win, it's important to keep practicing the drive shot."

Name: Kimiko Jinnai
Country: Japan
Status: Former national team member
"I think that the drive shot can be used for both offense and defence. It's like the body blow in boxing.
It's easy for me to produce smashes after I've pressurised the opponent with relentless drive shots."