EZONE Ai 100 selected as BEST RACQUET in German Tennis Magazine

The EZONE Ai 100 has been selected as the “Best Racquet” in German Tennis Magazine’s racquet performance test of 2014. This is the first time a Yonex racquet has been selected since the VCORE 100S in 2012.

German Tennis Magazine tested 20 different racquets from immediate competitors and rated them on a scale of one to ten for qualities including control, power, and feel.

The EZONE Ai 100 scored 9.0 in all categories and was declared the best racquet out of the 20 models tested.“The racquet has superior control even during fast rallies,” said one tester.

“When [the racquet] hits the ball on the sweet spot, it removes vibration and maximizes power to attack,” said another. Over all, EZONE Ai 100 is reviewed as, “the perfect racquet to recommend to any kind of intermediate competitors.”

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