EZONE TP Putters: Consistent Putting to Enhance Your Game

Developed by Japanese Professor Kiyonaga to fulfill the three key principles of putting, the TRIPRINCIPLE theory combines the laws of physics with the mechanics of putting. Providing the club face is square at impact, the TRIPRINCIPLE design will enable you to hole 90%* or more of those 1-meter putts, even if your stroke path is not perfect.


1. Guideline for the stroke

Lines set at 5.61º ensure the perfect alignment for your 1-meter putting stroke.

2. Double size sweet spot

Triple alignment for the sweet-spot that is double the size of regular pin type putters.

3. Long and flat design

The flatter 68º lie and 36” club length encourages correct posture and movement to produce an inside-in trajectory stroke.


*This figure is based on theory and the percentage is not guaranteed.

EZONE TP Putter Lineup and Product Info