All-New Yonex SAFERUN 350, Equipped with the Boa® Fit System

TOKYO, Japan —Yonex Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the newest edition to the POWER CUSHION™ SAFERUN series, a running shoe series for health-conscious runners that reduces the burden on the knees through Yonex’s unique design that protects feet and joints during constant impact. In a new collaboration with the Boa® Fit System the SAFERUN 350M, featuring superior arch support, will release late March 2019.

SAFERUN 350 features the shock-absorption and repulsion material of POWER CUSHION™+. Able to bounce an egg up to 6 meters without breaking, when dropped from a 12-meter height*1, POWER CUSHION™+ offers 28% more shock absorbency and 62%*2 more resistance in comparison to conventional cushioning material (EVA). Placing POWER CUSHION™+ in the forefoot and heel relaxes the burden on knees, enabling a more comfortable fit.

Also, due to its unique, anatomically friendly and stress-free design, the knitted mesh upper is optimized for each part of the foot — denser and stiffer where more support is required and more flexible where it is not. By reducing stress to the instep, where blood vessels and nerves are concentrated, feet are freed from pressure.

 The SAFERUN 350, built for both jogging and walking, is ideal for those looking to prevent or reduce knee pain as they age and want to enjoy running and walking well past their prime.

*1 Tested by Yonex
*2 Tested by Japan Vehicle Inspection Association & BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute (Based on JIS standards)


1. POWER CUSHION™+: New formula and structure evolved from YONEX’s original shock absorbing material, POWER CUSHION™.

POWER CUSHION™ is Yonex’s proprietary “light and fatigue-reducing” material. By improving its shock absorption and rebounding properties, POWER CUSHION™+ has a 28% increase in shock absorption and a 62% increase in repulsion when compared to conventional cushioning material (EVA). 
A raw egg can be dropped from 12 meters above a POWER CUSHION™+ mat, rebounding to a height of 6 meters without breaking.

2. Boa® Fit System Comfort Arch Support
Easy to strap on by simply turning the dial with one hand, the Boa® Fit System ensures an even fit by arranging equidistant fastener straps across the sole. The strap wraps from the ankle to the tip of the metatarsal bone, gently supporting the arch of the foot.

3. Fast and Slow-Paced Running MID-CONTACT DESIGN
POWER CUSHION™ inserted from mid to forefoot of the sole dampens force applied to the middle part of the foot during fast-paced movements, and heel during slow ones. MID-CONTACT DESIGN technology softly adjusts the hardness of the midsole main body, providing a soft and comfortable cushioning feeling.

Product Summary



(Product Code: SHR350M)

(Product Code: SHR350L)


12,000 yen + Tax

Upper Material

Synthetic fiber, Artificial leather

Midsole Material


Outsole Material

Rubber bottom

Size/ Weight

24.5 - 29.0cm 
245g per size 26.0cm shoe

22.0 - 26.0cm 
210g per size 23.5cm shoe


Light pace runners (7-9 min/ km)