Yonex announces “Environmental Vision 2050”: To carry sport into the future

TOKYO, Japan Yonex Co., Ltd. is proud to announce its newly established “Yonex Environmental Vision 2050.” With the message, “To carry sport into the future, our craft and innovation must strive for bluer skies and greener fields,” Yonex will launch a new series of initiatives to help drive a greener future where people can enjoy sports.


These comprehensive goals have been built in addition to the previous emission reduction targets that Yonex had set in 2021. The company has now set a new environmental vision for 2050, with mid-term targets to achieve by 2030, based on the three pillars of “Carbon neutrality”, “Waste” and “Eco design”.


■ Carbon neutrality

Yonex will switch to renewable energy at its own sites and reduce CO2 emissions under scope 3, which is currently being calculated.

■ Waste

Yonex will reduce waste by upcycling waste materials at its own manufacturing sites in Japan and overseas and by switching to production that does not use organic solvents.

■ Eco design

Yonex will promote environmentally friendly initiatives in all process from manufacturing to sales and after-use by expanding the use of sustainable materials in its products, reducing the use of packaging materials, and promoting a product collection system and the 3Rs.



Sustainability: https://www.yonex.co.jp/en/sustainability/

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Environmental Data: https://www.yonex.co.jp/en/sustainability/environmental-data/