Golf Magazine's Club Test 2014 - EZONE XP Drivers & Irons

The YONEX EZONE XP Drivers and Irons were highlighted in the “Max Game Improvement” category of Golf Magazine’s 2014 ClubTest.

The reviewers noticed that consistency was a key feature in the drivers and irons. The magazine tested the clubs in the areas of Playability, Accuracy/Forgiveness, Distance Control, Feel, and Look.

The EZONE XP Drivers feature Dual Tungsten Power System that produces maximum power and distance to your game. Golf Magazine says that the driver is a “Well-balanced performer with a unique, yet polarizing appearance.” With a distinctive orange and black club head, the EZONE XP Drivers deliver a reliable swing with a solid impact hit. The magazine found the EZONE XP Driver’s best asset comes through it’s playability saying, “The club’s greatest strength—easy to hit with a capital E.”

The EZONE XP Irons were also tested and received a favorable review. With YONEX’s new Dual Tungsten Power System (heavier head, added weight in the grip), the EZONE XP Irons are designed to maximize power and distance. Golf Magazine commented on the iron’s feel and stability saying, “the club swings as one connected piece so you feel you have full control.” The irons also allow for accuracy as a reduction in sidespins and misdirectional hits are masked by the sole weight of the club. The EZONE XP Irons are an exceptional club series and ranked by Golf Magazine as “One of the top-rated models and score well in all performance categories.”

The success of the EZONE XP Drivers and Irons is due to the technological breakthrough of the Dual Tungsten Power (DTP) System. The lightweight shafts are complemented with Tungsten in both the grip and club head. This revolutionary development allows the player to swing without any extra effort, delivering explosive power! Try the EZONE XP series for yourself and experience the maximum power and distance for yourself. Check out the unique DTP system technology here and read more of Golf Magazine’s Club Test 2014 here.

Club Test 2014 Driver

Club Test 2014 Iron

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