New REXIS HARDCORE W110: Compositing next generation graphite and steel for a revolutionary shaft.

The new wedge shaft, REXIS HARDCORE W110 is crafted using our unique manufacturing method which wraps graphite around steel. The wedge shaft is engineered for intermediate to advanced players and will be available for custom orders from late September 2020.

The REXIS HARDCORE W110 combines the accuracy and control of a steel shaft, and the snap-back and vibration absorption of graphite, providing consistent and accurate shots with comfort at impact.

This is the first Yonex product to combine three of our most advanced materials, Namd*, M40X** and TOUGH G-FIBER, into one product.

The new graphite Namd has flex and a quick snapback, creating a comfortable shot feeling even during control shots. The M40X mounted on the tip of the shaft is a graphite fiber that has both strength and elasticity drawing a precise trajectory. TOUGH G-FIBER is a unique material that combines carbon nanotubes with glass fiber, which has about 3 times the flexibility of standard graphite. This provides the shaft flexibility and optimal weight to enhance stability.

*A world-first, new dimension graphite material, Namd, greatly improves the adhesion of the graphite fibers and resin by attaching nanomaterial directly to the graphite fiber.
** TORAYCA® M40X is a next-generation graphite fiber developed by Toray Industries, Inc., for the complex combination of both high strength and high elasticity.


  • Material:Steel, Namd, M40X, TOUGH G FIBER
  • Availability:Late September 2020
  • Origin:Japan
Length(mm) Shaft Weight(g) Torque(°) Frequency(cpm)
902 114 1.6 364
*Head weight 305g・Length 35.25in