REXIS KAIZA-MASS: A weighted yet flexible golf shaft

YONEX Co., Ltd. is excited to announce the expansion of the tour proven REXIS shaft series with the new KAIZA-MASS. Scheduled for launch in late-September 2020, the KAIZA-MASS is a heavy yet soft shaft that stabilizes the path of the swing, for an accurate ball strike.

The REXIS series of graphite golf shafts are manufactured at the state of the art facility in Niigata Japan.

This shaft is a composite of three types of advanced carbon materials: Namd*, M40X** and NANOMETRIC DR*** that when combined ensure the swing is less likely to wobble and the trajectory becomes more stable.

Namd, a new generation carbon graphite, is located throughout the kick-point of the shaft. This provides a greater flex and snap-back, for a comfortable hitting experience with increased head speed translating into those valuable extra yards. The M40X carbon graphite at the shaft tip increases both strength and elasticity, ensuring the powerful energy from the swing is redirected back into the ball strike.

NANOMETRIC DR, an ultra-resilient nanoscience carbon graphite is placed throughout the shaft for higher flex strength. It also provides a natural recoil sensation throughout the shaft for increased distance.

The synergistic effect of the three types of advanced graphite materials stabilizes the swing plan and maintains accuracy at impact, contributing to increased distance.

The shaft for woods is aimed at golfers who have head-speed but are looking for stability in the club head, or have physical strength but are lacking the head-speed. The shaft for irons is for golfers who want to make the shift to graphite clubs from iron clubs but need the flex and weight.

* Namd is a technology developed by Nitta Corporation for uniformly compounding carbon nanotubes into graphite fibers.
** TORAYCA® M40X is a next-generation carbon fiber developed by Toray Industries, Inc. in pursuit of the ultimate balance between high strength and high modulus.
*** Nanometric DR is a material developed by Toray Industries, Inc. based on its proprietary NanoALLOY® technology.

  Toughness Repulsion Impact Strength
Standard Graphite 100 100 100
NANOMETRIC DR 115 118 117


  • Materials: Namd, M40X, NANOMETRIC DR
  • Made in Japan

  • For intermediate to advanced players with a head-speed of 42 – 45 m/s.
  Shaft Weight(g) Torque(°) Kickpoint Frequency
KAIZA-MASS 6 64 3.2 Mid-low 247cpm
KAIZA-MASS 7 75 2.7 Mid-low 255cpm
*Head weight 197g・Length 45.5inch
  Shaft Weight(g) Torque(°) Kickpoint Frequency
KAIZA-MASS 6 65 2.8 Mid-Low 270cpm
KAIZA-MASS 7 77 2.5 Mid-Low 280cpm
*Head weight 270g・Length 37.25inch