Impression for EZONE Xi from Canada

Name: Jean]Guy Sauve
Age: 45
Occupation: Store owner and Tennis player
2011 #1 Canadian National Indoor Champion Singles and Doubles
2009 Finalist at the World Senior Doubles Championship in Spain
2008 #1 World Senior Doubles Championship 40 and over in Turkey
2007 Finalist at the World Senior Doubles Championship in Turkey
Belong to: St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada
Racquet: EZONE Xi 98 (String: TG130TB/ Tension: 60 lbs )
Very strong feel compare to previous version, stable and very precise. The balance is very important for me and the EZONE Xi 98 offers me the perfect balance between serve and volley.

Name: Dean Milner
Status: Club Player
Belong to: Calgary Winter Club
Racquet: EZONE Xi 100
Lots of spin from this lighter feeling racquet. Serves were solid feeling and ground strokes were easy to hit different trajectories and spin. Ifm not the best volleyer, but this racquet was easy to get into position and hit good volleys with. Nice racquet and better feel than other YONEX tennis frames I have played.

Name: Pavel Kratina
Belong to: Ottawa
Racquet: EZONE Xi 107
Today, I tried out two of the new generation of YONEX racquets, EZONE Xi 107 and EZONE Xi Lite. What a difference. After the first few volleys with the 107, I could not believe it was me holding the racquet. In fact, something tells me I did not have to be there holding it at all. And the Lite made me look like a hero (in case anybody was watching) - the ground strokes came out so easy and confident.